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Updated Crisis App- Crisis Commander Connect

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Where will you be when the lights go out, or some other crisis happens?  Most likely not at your desk: your days are taken up with meetings, business travel, commuting, and time at home or on vacation with your family.  So the odds are you will not be at your desk.  Thats right, the desk where all your crisis plans, contact lists, and key documents are!

CC Connect, Crisis Commander’s Crisis App for Smartphones, has been solving this problem for our clients for years, and with our recent upgrade CC Connect is even better.  CC Connect puts all your plans, notification tools and documents right where you need them: in the hands of your teams, 24/7.  Here’s how it works:

As soon as you login CC Connect provides you with invaluable information.  The first screen shows a map which pinpoints all team member’s locations instantly!  If your team member needs assistance you can use this location info to get it to them quickly, or you can use their location to determine how long it will take them to arrive at the scene, or use it as part of your task assignment process.


Crisis App Login

Once you are logged in, the next step is to get (or provide) a quick overview of the situation, which you can do in the “Situation Report”,  a brief text update which all team members can view to bring them up to speed on the situation.  This report can also be emailed to team members and management .  As the situation progresses, develops and resolves you can add additional information, your old entries scroll down and are automatically saved.


Situation Report

With Crisis Commander’s “Notify” button you can notify hundreds of team mates, vendors etc using SMS, Voice, and Email.  The benefits of being able to communicate effectively during an emergency or crisis are well documented.  Crisis Commander puts this in the palm of your hand!


Your team can access and use your contingency plans on the crisis app as well. Plans are presented in checklist format, and are easy to use. The person responsible for the task is listed and may be contacted by clicking their name.  Support documents for each task are listed in blue text.  You can have as many plan templates stored in Crisis Commander as you wish, and in the event of complex or multi-tiered crises you can have as many plans as you need running at any time.

Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan

You can conduct online meetings in the meeting room as well.  With the meeting tool you can follow existing meeting agendas or create agendas on the fly. Appoint someone on your team to take minutes!

Meeting Room

Meeting Room

One of the great features of Crisis Commander is the automated Log.  The Log captures all actions taken by your team during an incident from start to finish, providing a full audit trail for compliance purposes.  Perhaps more importantly, you can use the log to determine who did what and when, so you can improve your team’s performance the next time.  This feature is just as useful, for the same reasons, in tests, drills and exercises.

Log View

Log View

As part of it’s “One stop shop” approach Crisis Commander also serves as a document storage site for your critical documents you might need during a crisis or emergency.  Documents can be in any file type or format: video, audio, PDF, Office docs, etc.  Floor plans and building schematics can be particularly useful in certain situations.  Again the beauty of Crisis Commander is these documents will be right in the hands of your team!  You can also search for documents or contacts using the search capability.

Document Library

Document Library

CC Connect is an invaluable crisis management and incident management tool.  Contact us for a demo!


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